My Latest Addiction: Baking French Macarons

I recently found a new addiction, I called it 'addiction' since even if I go to work, I would go to the baking aisle just to look for the ingredients that I need to bake another batch of it. I am addicted to perfecting the art of baking those finicky french macarons. French macarons are those colourful meringue-based cookie filled with your own choice of fillings (cream cheese, buttercream, ganache, etc.) It is completely different from MACAROONS which are make of those coconut meat. Since I seriously can't find a bakery here in scarborough that sells these delish sweets, I decided to just learn how to make them. Learning is easy, but the actual process is the complete opposite. It took me four tries to finally achieve a perfect result. You need to have accurate measurements of ingredients, right temperature even humidity is a factor, and a whole bunch of patience. I consulted almost all video tutorials that you can find in youtube just to know what would be the right technique in making them. The first try, the cookie was undercook since a lot of the cookies were stuck from the parchment paper and they were super hollow. I made it with my friend grace and what's so interesting about it was we manually beat the egg whites! It was baking/arm exercise at once! I had a lot of fun baking them but although it was not the result that we were hoping for, the cookies with the buttercream filling that we made tasted good. The second batch that I made was almost there. The only problem I encountered was there was still a bit of cracking on the shell but it was not that hollow and, the chocolate buttercream that I made became so runny because I forgot that I placed my butter on the stove top so it was all melted. It was so tasty but, the filling was dripping whenever I try eating them. Third, was the worst! I can't even believe what happened. The cookies became soooooo thin and hard! If you are from the Philippines and you know the cookie "Pasencia".. yep! i discovered the art of making those cookies accidentally! HAHAHAH! I was so disappointed by that batch. I even had my friends over when I baked them and because of that, they witnessed my epic failure. =p For sure, that third try made me inspired to try to really perfect the 4th batch. I seriously went to read all the articles about the failed macarons and how did that happened. I tried to remember everything I've done wrong and took note of it. I checked the consistency of the batter, the right way of "macronage", measured my ingredients compared to my "that-would-be-fine-i-guess" way of measuring, and making sure that the batter was set properly before putting it in the oven. I am so glad that I got my freaking FEET! my parents even ate half of them. I am a happy macaron-baker! hopefully I can continue making almost perfect macarons coz for sure, I would be baking more of them and play with different flavours and colours. I want to make a chocolate macarons with cream cheese filling tomorrow. Hopefully it would yield good results!

Here are some images of my macarons baking journey. Blame this new addiction to me not blogging often (yes blame it to others!)

This was the 1st trial

The super failed trial

my 2nd one

and this was the 4th try! see those much-loved feet!! =)

If you have any questions and comments on things about french macarons, I would gladly answer them if I can. But I want to let you know that I am no expert on this. Thanks for stopping by =)

=) love love love *watching Kristv as of the moment, hence the last words*

=) deah

One-Stop Salon Day

I admit, today was one of those boring days. I didn't go to work because...

I ended up being all alone here at home. Due to my boredom, I was able to do some house chores.. oh better termed as, ROOM chores since I only vacuumed my room =p And since the weather was not that bad today, I decided to go get the much-needed sunlight from the outside world and raked our backyard. Finally, a tangible person/s showed up! My sis-in-law and grace came back from their job interview. Hoping for good results for them and for....

I didn't know that grace brought her creacut with her. We did some girly, salon-ish bonding, went on to cut my fringe and I can say that I am impressed on how easy it was to use that tool. After that we went on with doing our nails and grace did some cute nail art for me =)

pardon if its not that clean by the edges but I seriously love it! it was a combined design by the both of us though she actually did it. Oh and did I mention that after 20 years of not doing my toes, I finally decided to pamper them and give them a decent pedi *hurrah hurrah - screamed by my toes* 

We also stopped by mcdees and satisfied our midnight cravings. I decided to try their coffee frappe and I liked it. It was a bit creamier compared to the iced capp from tims. Not bad at all, but I don't think my tummy liked it. You know why... 

That would be it for me.. Today is my cousin's birthday by the way.. Love you always ate din! mwah!!

I am excited to see my lil erika and bff tomorrow! shopping day I guess! time to give my other blog a glimpse of how I do my shopping. Goodnight everyone and thanks for stopping by!

=) deah

Nightly Blurbs v.5

Its been a while again since I posted in my blog(s i actually posted 3 updates today.. yep! i am rollin') I can't think (again) of a title so might as well just do my ever reliable title.. jangjangjangjang!!!

my nightly blurbs!!!

and I took the time to browse through my posts to know how many of this have i posted before and.. yes! this is my 5th version of my nightly blurbs.. my randomness and result of my boredom.

lemme begin by,,

  • Yes.. I didn't get the position that I applied for. It was ok.. I guess, as I said on my last post, God gave me a sign for me to go to the next step. I am not closing my doors to the possibilities that my current company can give me but in a way, I want to experience new things as well. God has a better plan for me, that I don't doubt. Hoping for the best. He'll bring me to the right path for sure ;p
  • For the friggin longest time, at last! I was able to hang out with 2 of my bestfriends! last saturday, I saw camille after... i guess 7 months! omg. i just counted and it was really 7 months! wowww! we went to our friend's place to hangout and also, were able to watch that stupid gayweather fight (uhuh! pacman forever baby! lol) so funny how the whole house rejoiced when we all thought mayweather lost! hahhaha! well, it was cut short when we all realized we were all wrong. Its not everyday that a whole bunch of people in one room all got something wrong at the same time. hahah! you can imagine the gayweather hatred in that room for sure! I just did not like the fact that we didn't go home early.. So i missed the planned breakfast at Ikea the next day huhu.. but apart from that, I enjoyed hanging out with my closest friends here in Tdot.. its been a while =) 
  • Last monday, we went to visit my bff ever and saw her two bundles of joy! omg! i miss erika so much and enrico was sooo big now! i can't believe he could grow that fast in 4 months time!!! we went to the mall to just hang out and ate some congee which is so missing in my life.. and waa! panicked for we saw this store that sells cheap chucks and sports apparels! Thank God I don't have that much resources or I might've bought the whole friken store! Thank you Beechoo and Susie for introducing me to that store! for sure the hubby will be so happy to go to that store and buy him some chucks =) 
  • Today is such a friggin annoying shift.. annoying but ok-ish since its not that busy.. annoying coz i feel like its such a waste to go to work for only 4 hours.. and most of all, starting at 6 pm? really... everyone is trying to get home while I am trying to be at work.. sighss! *patience is a virtue.. I am a very positive person (tells that to myself repeatedly)*
  • I posted a review of my holygrail products, some h&m event sale on thursday, and coupon codes for ELF and michaels. I am soooo productive today here in blogger.. what has gotten into me?? hehehe.. 
  • lastly, I WANNA GO BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES ASAP! i miss my hubby soooooooo much!

that's it for my blurbs. oh another thing, I just wanna reach out to every annoying customer who loves to shop at retails stores! first, it doesn't mean that if we're on the other side of the counter, we're dumb. SERIOUSLY! we aren't! we went through job hunting process, applied using internet.. we went through the whole interview process.. and got our jobs because we worked for it. So don't think small towards retail people. Next, if you purchase an item, it means you don't own that money anymore.. don't go to cs desk saying that that's your money coz technically, if we talk about the main thought of barter, it means you already gave something to get that thing that you want. so anything you give for something in return makes it NOT YOURS ANYMORE!!! seriously.. you make me freeegin sick! I just hate how lenient retailers here in the west side of the world. try to go to your homeland and do the same thing.. goodluck on that! don't go telling me that you are not an immigrant for I studied canadian history and yes... every single person in Canada emigrated from somewhere else.. third, i hate when you tell customers that this item is not available when in the first place, they were the ones who's asking if we have it and when we say we don't, they would do a whole lot of commotion saying uhhh why don't you just close or uhhh its says here or there you guys have it. seriously!! again.. if we have it, why would we say we don't??? retail stores' main purpose is to sell goods and if we have it for sure we want to sell it. PLEASE!! I could go on with all the stupidity that's going on inside a retail store but i might just explode everything in here so i better stop and shut it. If you're reading this, please don't be these type of customers. In short, don't be stupid!!!!

Kraken was out.. time to go to my safe haven and relax myself.. again, another 6ish shift tomorrow.. i have to ready myself for another annoying day ahead.

=) deah

I am Hopeful but not Expecting

I had an interview for a new position at work today. I am hoping I could get it because I want that to be my stepping stone in going to the path where I want my career to go but, I am not expecting that I'll get it just because I am just staying away from the heartbreak it could partake unto me. A way of saving myself I guess. =)

Anyway.. enough of that topic. Another day of mishaps I guess.. Our van went berserk today just when me and abbie were on our way to work. Just great! Twice in a row.. I wonder what would happen tomorrow. God, I know this is part of a plan. Whatever's coming tomorrow, please let it be something nice. Let us break this spell.. 

I registered for this GLOBE DUO service from a local Philippine telecom company wherein I just have to register a globe number for the service and voila! you could call that number by any means that you prefer as if you're just calling someone from Canada. They would even provide you a 647 (not sure if a 416 number would be available still) number. I immediately used it right after payment and called my hubby deary =) *umm eww?? deary? really!* Globe is having this introductory offer for this service and right now it only costs $10 (usd) for a whole month of use. Depending on your local courier rates, that is really a good deal especially if you have unlimited evenings/weekends calls included in your plan. So the 10bucks thingy is just until May 11, 2014 and after that it will revert back to its normal rate which is $25 per month which, if you actually call someone oftenly, is not really a bad rate compared to other services like that annoying owtel whatever company and the likes. You are not bound to any contract at all and since it is a prepay service, no call agent would bug you every day! ugghs! i remember my hatred with the owtel company! really? you would bug me endlessly because I incur $3.00 worth of call that you forced me to effin take!!! beware of them.. REALLY!!! Anyhow, if you want to know more info about this service, go to this website:

if you are not from Canada, there are some options there for i think US, UK, and Korea. I am not sure about other countries though.

SOOOOO... I think that's it for me. I still haven't updated my inlovewithsale blog. I will try to do it tomorrow for I am feeling sooo sleepy right now and I have to attend to my hubby's text messages =) dammit i miss him! CIC please heed my plea! hope they would process his papers soon! And if you want to see my review about the NAKED PALETTE by Urban Decay, please do check out my new blog WHAT DEAH SAYS =) hihi! yeah I am a frustrated blogger! haha 

love love love *ala kris*

=) deah 

=) deah

A Day Full of BooBoos!

I am currently watching this drama series "MIRABELLE" from a local station in the Philippines. I actually liked the story of that series coz it is all about being able to accept who you are but at the same time, since the protag is still human so being human, she still wants to be normal for the sake of the acceptance. The good thing is she still continues life and she still fights for herself. You go MIRA! heheehe

SO back to me narrating stuff that happened today, this day was really interesting. All the while I thought I am closing for work today. I heard my phone ringing but since I am still sleepy because I slept so late the day before, I ignored the calls not even looking who the hell is calling. Sooo I was woken up by a voice message coming from outside my room. Then I decided to look at my phone and saw like 3 missed calls from work, 2 voice messages.. opened one of them and it was my manager calling to know what happened to me since I am still not at work and I am supposed to start at 10pm! umm it was already 11:10am! my goodness... I suddenly went to shower and zoom zoom to work! and yes, my mishaps didn't stop there. The weather was soo bad today..  

oops.. its the legal wife playing.. brb! =p

dangg! i hate that theme song! it makes me effin cry!

ok.. cf! =p

so yeah.. so i was welcomed by heavy rain and strong winds when I went out of the house.. and yes I did bring my umbrella.. soo it was ok.. like my umbrella was able to survive for a bit although it was being battered badly by the strong winds.. but it gave up the moment I took off from the bus. Thanks to my leather jacket, I am a bit saved from being wet because of the rain. 

Then my mishaps again didn't stop there! when i started work, I dropped everything that I had hold on.. ughhs! 

Too much, I just want to go home and relax and end this day... 

oops! TLW again..
... adrian! you fucking listen to your mom! LISTEN!!!!!
*i am affected much..*

thank God for this day because I was able to survive it given all things that happened. What I learned today is, whatever mishaps this world will give you, if you know how to be positive and smile.. you can get through it.. for sure! =) be positive!  

anyways... I decided to post things that happened today so I have something to look at tomorrow and tell myself, if i survived today, anything is possible. Tomorrow's a new day.. live life! 

Good day to everyone and I am happy.. tomorrow I have an interview and I am hopeful but not expecting.. if this is for me then God will for sure give it to me. I trust him. He would direct me to a good path in life. 

That's it.. lets be happy! =)

=) deah

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