Happy Easter!!!!!

Today, for us christians... Jesus has risen na from the death... it's like the second christmas of our faith. we celebrate it by going to mass, some malls or groups conduct some parties... like easter egg hunting (for kids) and stuffs. Today we must thank God for Saving us from our sins... (am i getting too Godly here?!?!)

i really dunno where to start in this blog... my idea is just post a "happy Easter Greetng" and that's it... but ithought, how boring this blog would be if that's the only thing to be read here. so i reflected on things that past through my life yesterday...

i am really bothered how my boyfriend expresses his love for me... we've been together for 2 years and 7 months already. i know in my mind that we're still going strong... i also could feel it through my heart. but sometimes, it seems like he's love for me is so limited.. why i say this?!?! i realy dunno... but that's what i'm feeling.. maybe i'm just being naive or something that i wanted all of his attention directed always to me... i think i'm the one who has a flaw... as i write this, i realize that i must give him some space for himself... maybe by doing that i will not feel this stupid thing... maybe... yeah maybe!!

hey! wtf! ef im the one who's wrong!!! hahaha!!! damn me!!!

well i dunno what's with me now... i think i must end this up... i might go crazy.

love me!!!! :-)


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