at last my dog ate a bunch

whew!!! at last my dog ate a handful of food tonight! its been so long since he ate that much! worth blogging!!! heeheheh...

my day wasn't that good, agnes spent a night here... girl bonding! we watched devil beside you and drooled over mike he.. omfg! he's so damn gorgeous!!!! salap!! hahaha.. yummy guy! but still joe cheng for me is the greatest! he's my super duper crush.. still can't get enough of that guy...

i said sorry to marlon coz as we texted this morning, i felt he's being pressured to go back to manila by me. i realized just then that i'm beginning to be selfish... we've been together (all the time) for the last 4 something years, i still can't give up sometime for him to spend with his family back there at his hometown. i just hope he can understand my longingness for him.. as i always say, i'm not good in coping up with changes... i just told him na don't think na i'm beginning to harass him in getting back by being so makulit and always bringing up the "GOING BACK TO MANILA" topic on our conversations... i just want to assure myself that he'll be back... back in my arms again... wow! so dramatic! but yes, that's how i think of things... God!! i just miss him so much! so fucking much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe a bottle of beer could help again......................................


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