ahah!!! now lang ulet

ahuh!!! so its just now that i decided to go on and update this cool blog! hehe! imagine.. the last post was made almost 1 and a half years ago.. dang! i was still in the ohils at that time.. now am in canada.. so many things already happened and changed.. gomen ne sai!!! though i know this blog is only being accessed by only meee so its just fine i guess. no harm done really =p

so now what?!?! first and foremost, its already 10 mins before 5am and am still up? wondering what am doing?? none... exactly!!! none! just trying to keep myself up for nothing.. haha! just finished doing my rounds in ycyc to monitor some activities by members... haiz i miss those times when we have almost 20 new registrations everyday.. now almost 1 a day... aiyo! arjoe fans are decreasing which is a bad sign! aiyo!

maybe i'll just have this for now... later on if my twisted memory can remember my log in infos again then i'll probably be back!

now need to sleep.... my eyes are kinda fuzzy right now...

c i ya!


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