Barrack Obama, The 44th President of the United States of America!!!!

I was not able to watch this historical event of USA coz i was at work. He will now officially take his seat as the president of the most powerful country in the world. Hope he can make a difference and promote the welfare of his subjects and, since whatever happens in America affects the whole world, then I hope he will also take into consideration the rest of the world. I heard from my co-worker that many of her friends went to Washington to witness this event. Goodness! i was so appalled when i saw the clip of the inauguration and his nation address. I can say that more than 1 million people were there and they came from different parts of the world, not just america. Congratulations and may he stay safe along with his family and God Bless him and his presidential term.

Here's the video of the INAUGURATION and State Address courtesy of CSPAN YT Channel

as for me, I am gonna snooze for a while for i only had one hour sleep. and wa sai!!! My lovable (reverse psychology) manager came back from her 3 week hibernation.... oh, what i mean is.. HIATUS.. ahhaha!!! crossing my fingers that she'll not see this blog ever or else, goodbye walmart!!! lol!


=) deah


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