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First, I just want to shout out that i purchased a domain for this blog.. so meaning, i'm not gonna waste my 10bucks if i'm not gonna update this blog.. hihi... going back to what the title says, I am a frequent reader of fanfictions in winglin specifically those that have ariel and joe together as their main characters. I think I already read almost all arjoe fanfictions available, well as if its that many... anyways, before i list my recommendations, i just wanna give a big THANKS to my favourite authors:

and most of arjoe fanfic writers....

....who never gets tired of writing arjoe fanfics.. begging them not to stop especially now that we are so so clueless on when we'll see them again together.. These fanfic will cater our hunger to see more of them... lol!!!

so here they are in random order.. i will just list the completed ones... hihi

---- its my all-time favorite fanfic. I was able to read this twice and still feel like its the 1st time around.

---- This story got a lot of twist though i may say that i want more after it ended but at least i know they are together.. sigh! wanted to read it again..

---- ooooh! this one really made me giddy all over!!! haha! ariel is such a cutie here.. being childish and all... anyways, i don't wanna give spoilers in case someone wants to read this *as if someone is reading*

---- they are bestfriends... known each other inside out.. joe already knew that ariel is the one but what about her?? Read it to find out..

---- Have some unexpected turn of events and the setting is from VIETNAM to TAIWAN.

---- can you take a BET??? hehe.. cute story..

---- I think this is the longest story that i followed in winglin. I felt a little boring sometime coz i want more ARJOE interactions than mere ariel and arron but as the story goes, i felt entertained with it and more arjoe scenes as it reaches its end...

---- one of my ultimate faves!!!! though i am not an RM fan but the way wootness included them in the story made me like them but still not an RM fan for reals.. lol! joe and ariel are so fun to read here.. the way they bicker.. funny!

---- i enjoyed it but i think the author ended it so abrupt.. well she honestly admitted that.. i was expecting more... anyways, still entertaining and ARJOE!! lol

---- the man he vowed to hate forever, a coincidence that changes her life... is saying I LOVE YOU that hard???

---- up to what extent will you do to be able to go and woo your love? What if you wake up and you realize that its not true love after all.. all the while, the one for you is just there but yet you are still looking afar? Though this story is not unique and all but it is really entertaining.'

---- one of Eira's great works. Again, not a unique plot but, you must never miss reading this coz there are a lot of things you'll never expect coming. A short story but i am so sure it will really capture your imaginationg. By the way, this has some Rated parts so not recommended for youngsters.

*3nd pause... continue on later...

more to post later... still have to dig them.. hehe

=) deah


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