They Kiss Again to be broadcasted in MAINLAND CHINA =)

posting some videos =)

Full Preview of TKA in Hunan TV

uploaded by me

and ArJoe singing together in Taichung last New Year countdown. I have seen the GTV clip so many times but i haven't seen this merged video.. fanclip and the GTV clip... ENJOY THE SWEETNESS!!

waah! sweetness overload!!!!! *faints again*

gosh! my page is not working good in firefox or its just me?!?!? maybe i need to restart my browser,,, waaaaaaaaaaa!

=) deah

=) deah


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Hey Its Me.. DEAH

And, my name is DEAH.

The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

You might be able to see some swearing and bitching here and
there so that's a warning.. Not suitable for babies.. lol..



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