Why oh Why???

I just arrived from work right now... tired and all! pissed with my duty manager who destroyed my OK-ish day and discovered that i still have money in my bank.. YAY!!! to me.. and its payday tomorrow!!! yay again.. hehe...

why oh why??? that's how you title a blog post if you can't think of any.. lol! to start off my rants, I thought i'm gonna be late today for work.. suprisingly, i was not! i would even be a minute early if it wasn't for this man who's trying to play around. Haizz! nuff with him... my mom stop by the store and asked me if i already ate.. lucky to have my mom there coz i accidently forgot to bring the lunch she prepared for me.. my mom there = FREE MEAL! haha! had KFC and she had this chicken steak from pablos.. lol! you know what, soon.. i'm gonna be having a pair of wings and mutate as a chicken... lol! I can eat STC's KFC chicken all week but not others... i dunno.. they cook their stuff so nice compared to other KFCs who makes SALT as their primary breading.. lol.. me and my mom had a long chat about the stupid eviction thingy that we received... omgosh! they are evicting us from our apartment to think we are good payers here.. giving them the cheque even before the month ends.. gaaah!!! good that my parents were able to fix things up with the tenant board.. stupid management!! karma strikes... hope they'll get something back for what they did.. so yadda yadda... and now comes this errr.. almighty duty manager of ours.. who thought she's all that... dang! how can she question my work when i am seeing her chatting with another duty manager about something unrelated to work huh!!! I wanna kick her ass big time.. one for questioning me... for making me look like i am slacking with my work.. just because of that DONATION thing.. cmon man... i never heard of a forced donation.. they are asking us to sell those $2 donations... its $2... hello! if before we are having troubles selling those loonie donations then what more this??? man... she's ATROCIOUS!!! i dislike her so much... and she still have the guts to tell me that she wants to see how many would i be selling til the end of my shift.... NOT LISTENING BITCH!!!!! she's not even my manager.. grrrrr.... pardon the swearing.. she really ruined my day...

forget her... i need my dose of arjoe... lol! my love affair!!!! will do some rounds for now and be posting here if i find something interesting...

May still got something to tell me... where the hell is she btw... lol! she must be up by now... ok gotta go and hunt her.. lol! loves to may... just kidding.... I NEED THE JUICY NEWS GIRL!!! you gave me a cliffy a while ago before i went to work...

=) dgluvjc

=) deah


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