Arjoe MADNESS!!!!!

huwaa! title speaks for itself.. waa! total madness for me.. lol... two days that i wasn`t able to blog was a major zombie mode for me.. OA OA!! heeh... but man! what can i do? i've been missing them so so much.. last night was like omg... one of the sickest goodie hunting i did like every 1 minute i had to reload the baidu page for i might miss some... still i did for.. of course i need to sleep.. lol! dang! the hunan promos was soooooooo satisfying! after all the absence.. missing.. longing.. and all... waa! it was all quenched by their oh-so-good interaction during the event. and we were just talking about the pics.. we haven't touched to juicy interview yet.. waa! made me scream.. Gio told me some of the titillating parts of the whole 7-page interview which she is translating and... dang! if only its easy to call work and tell them am not going.. i am so sure that's what i did this noon. haha! link to the ARJOE HUNAN TV INTERVIEW:

exclusive for members.. hehe... thanks a bunchie gio *hope you are reading though* anyways, i think this is the main reason why i felt soooooo lazy at work today.. adding up that i haven't took any food on the 1st two hours of my shift.. i was like slacking, not smiling.. i even kept on giving some sarcastic words or moves to my customers... waaa! me so bad... haiz.. anyways, i am so not feeling the urge to go goodie hunting today.. after this i might jump tp my bed and have a good rest.. I miss my booooooooooooooooo so much.. waaa! oh i have to go to my friendster first to check out his new pics.. waa! i might cry.. hehe... i miss him so bad.. what will i do without arjoe???????? they are my only lovelife right now... dang.. ok better go to friendster now.. i might post the pics here.. miss himm.. love you mahal!!!! *lols as if he's gonna be able to read this..*

and finally.. lolz... so many goodbyes for me.. LoB finished airing today.. huhu so sad.. after this what now?!!!!!!!!! waaaaa... am so so sad... not even in a bittersweet mode for i heard the last episode got the lowest ratings but i think the producer deserves it for they never did justice to the staffs hardwork (except for the director whom i detest) especially for ARJOE.. well they are the reason why that series even has ratings anyways.. the story is soooooo good but they made it soooo forcefully short that most of the impt parts are missed. this is the only time where the novel is better than the series.. take note that this is not a manga or from a book.. how do i explain this.. umm.. most of the tw series, after being produced and aired, they make this novel which is like part of the promotion for the series itself. Even TKA have this one... though its already a manga/graphic novel. anyways, hope you get what i am talking about... whew.. that explanation was hard.. lolz... ok this is it... my last sayonara word here... be back again laters or toms... hehe

so long....

check out our gallery in for more arjoe piccus from hunan event. waa! be ready to scream, shout and faint!!! lolzzzz


=) deah


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