Rough Translation of Love or Bread Novel Ending

As to what the title imply, i'm gonna post here the rough translation of the NOVEL version of Love or Bread. I bet you will love it more than what they showed in the series. Love FRANK!! omg... hehe...

credits to my sister maytan for this.. Thanks sis!!! this transcript never fails to make me cry!!! i love frank so much.. hehe... ok ok..i know.. i still have to line up.. hhaha!!

this will start after Frank and Shan Mei separated ways, walking in an opposite direction.. on the 12th episode...

even if frank is already out of shan mei's life
frank did not really go very far
he started working hard and even if it was hard, at least he is earning well
and he decided not to buy branded goods anymore.
his workplace is not far from shan mei's
so everytime he misses her
he will stop by since it was convenient to go there and steal glances of her
but everytime he goes there, he sees things that make his heart in pain
when shan mei goes home from work, he will look at her while she is waiting for the bus...
only to find en hao waiting for her so he can send her home with his car...
and him...the one who is looking at her from afar can only say goodbye to sm from afar..
when it is raining, he will try to bring an umbrella for shan mei to use...only to find someone already holding an umbrella for her
he can only give away the umbrella he brought for her to a passerby
frank will sometimes pass by the house of shan mei's family with hopes of seeing her
he did saw her...and she was carrying a lot of things
but before he can decide if he will show himself to her or not...en hao is there, gathering the things from shan mei..and help carry those things for her
he then hears shan mei inviting en hao and tell him that she will cook for him as a token of appreciation for his help
they go inside the house and frank could only think that they look like a happy married couple
frank thinks to himself: he is a prince charming...and he rides his horse fast (his progress for wooing shan mei is fast)
frank laughs at himself and tells himself just dont steal glances of her anymore
it will only give a lot of pains for him
but in the end, he still cant help it and continues to look at her
he realize that from the time he left shan mei, aside from work nothing else interests him
frank then turns around..tell himself he doesnt want to see shan mei and en hao anymore....
shan mei sees a figure from afar
and she stops before entering the door...
en hao asked her what's the problem and she said she thought she saw someone she knew
shan mei thinks to herself: was that frank?
the image looked like him but shan mei can't be sure
frank doesnt know where to go...
she found ke na...but lost contact again...
ke na closed the coffee shop and decided to teach dance to kids
ke na said it's because of the things frank told her
even if she cannot be a dancer she can still help others fulfill their dreams to dance
if frank cannot be with ke na..then where should he go?
shan mei thinks that things are going well for her and en hao...but is this what love really is?
everytime she's eating w/ en hao in a 5 star resto...she will suddenly remember the times she was eating noodles with frank by the roadside
those times were hard and tiring...but when she thinks of it makes her smile
that time they (shan mei and en hao) were caught by a paparazi holing hands
shan mei was even called a cinderella
En Hao told shan mei, i want to hold ur hand 4ever like this ... then he proposed marriage to shan mei...
then... we'll go to the wedding day....
on the day of the wedding, shan mei looks at herself in the mirror..
the reflection she's seeing is an elegant-looking girl who is about to enter en hao's world
she knows that en hao's feelings for her is real..
but what about hers?
can she really accept this?
what was she thinking when she accepted the proposal?
she picks up the magazine that lin long wanted her to sign
the picture in the magazine was taken the night en hao proposed...
she stared hard at the picture.........and discovers something............
this is......................
behind her and en hao, standing far away behind them is a that...frank?
looking at the picture in the magazine, shan mei almost cannot believe what he's seeing before her eyes
it turns out that those weren't just hallucinations after all
she always felt that someone was looking at her from afar
but everytime she will turn to back to look..the figure disappears
Then she realize, frank didn't really forget her
he was just there, silently standing behind her all the time
this thought moved shan mei
after that she entered the church
she saw all her friends and family
they are all happy for her
and then she thought of franks image
every step towards en hao, requires a lot of strength from her
now that she is walking towards him, she is thinking of another man...that is not fair to en hao...that is not fair to herself too
if she marries en hao, she wouldn't have to worry about a thing...but she knows that life isn't just about that
all along the person who has captured her heart was never en hao after all
right this moment she is sure of it!
as en hao takes her hand it becomes more difficult for shan mei to move forward
she cannot accept this and go on.she does not deserve this at all
she smiles sadly at en if saying she's deeply sorry...she knows he will understand
right there and then, en hao let go of her hand and nodded his head
shan mei looks at him thankfully and runs out of the church.. away to find him...

Frank's POV while the wedding is happening
for frank today is the saddest and luckiest day for him at the same time
while on the street he met the police...
he was told that the fake landlord was captured...he can get his ring back at the police station
also the house where he and shan mei used to live was being rented out again
the owner has arrived from US
and is renting the house again
even if he cannot recover the life he have shared with shan mei, at least he can stay at the house where he discovered love
important dates for sm
he sits down below a tree and thinks
he tells himself not to think of shan mei anymore
today she will get married to someone else...
she will have no more problems...this result is the best result
he was the one who gave shan mei up to en hao he should not regret what he did
"young man, would you like me to help you tell your future?
i see your aura is quite good"
frank looks at the person and realized it was the old fortune teller
"i remember you! you told me before that i will become rich!
but now, not only am i not rich but i also lost the only woman i love!"
the fortune teller tells him, "the woman that your heart have been missing is also missing you just the same
your destiny is long------dont give up"
frank thinks: she's already getting married today, if he doesn't give her up...what is that supposed to mean?
franks says: "stop talking non sense!"
frank stops in his tracks when the fortune teller suddenly said:
"looking at things
you and her will meet soon
if not now, today, if not today now.."
Ignoring the Fortune teller, frank just left
and thinks that he and shan mei's destiny was those 3 months they were together
he was not able to treasure her, protect in the end he can only accept that he will lose her
the fortune tells him "your destiny is written in the paper that i gave you
you must not take what i told you lightly..."
Frank formally moves into the house where he and shan mei lived together
he cleaned the house well..just like the way it was when shan mei was still around
frank sits by the window and looks afar
he reminiscing all those things that has happened between the 2 of them
back then it seemed so troublesome but now...all of it brought smiles to him
the new him wants to move towards shan mei direction
be responsible
he wants to live well in this house even if, now it is only him by himself
frank turns around and sees someone dressed in a wedding gown
he thinks? shan mei???
why is she here?
shouldnt she be walking on the red carpet with en hao?
frank thinks that maybe he misses shan mei too much so he is hallucinating like she is here

[cai jin lai!]

he heard the familiar voice...
he turns around and then finally belives that it is for real
she uses her hands to wipe the sweat off her looked like she came from very far
frank wanted to say "i am not cai jin lai! i am frank"....but no voice came out of his mouth

[zeng shan mei------]

frank forced the voice out of his mouth
frank was thinking
did she run all the way here from the wedding?
did en hao really let her go?
can her family accept her doing something like this?
he have so many questions, but cannot ask even one
frank then remembered the fortune teller from this morning
the paper he was talking abt, was posted on top of his bed

- explanation -
The Fortune teller wrote something for him right?
He told frank that his destiny is written on the last 4 lines
then right on, frank remembered what was written on those 4 lines
if you'll combine all the ending characters (chinese) of each of the 4 lines
use the original letters and it will not really mean anything but if you'll use the sounds of the characters
to make the line sensible
it will come up as LIANG YUAN SHAN MEI
LIANG YUAN SHAN MEI means.......
frank then realizes that real happiness was right in front of him all along
but its only now that he realized it

[cai jin lai]

shan mei calls him
her eyes sparkling and she smiles beautifully

[zeng shan mei]

frank calls her as well
the 2 were like kids calling out each other's names
no other words were spoken
but actually there was no need
because early on they have found the answers in each other's eyes
frank understands that this is a chance given to him by shan mei
even if their destiny ahead of them is still far
this time
he will not let it go
he will be brave within himself
bravely express what he really feels

the end..................

awwww that was a really beautiful ending... unlike what the tw version showed. haiz... i am so in love with frank right now... i won't let go of him whatever reason is.. haha!!!!

thanks may for this.. i really owe you so so much now. hehe

no rants for me today.. this transcript is enough to make my day...


=) deah


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