Shall We Dance????

I just finished watching SHALL WE DANCE movie starring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon. I felt warm inside after watching it. here's my thoughts regarding the movie.

Letting go of that something which is holding you back to have complete happiness. Freeing yourself with pretence and be in a place which will let you be free and happy. Its not easy to do so especially being against the judgement of your surroundings. I also want to feel that selfless happiness that the male character had after finding what he really wants, enjoyed every second of it and just let it all out.

I hope someday, i can also gain that feeling of freedom.. to be with the people whom i love the most.. and also being loved and receive affection and true happiness without pretences.

Truly, i am thankful that i gave 2 hours of my time to watch that good and nice film. I have a thing for dancing and i really really want to try it out soon. I don't know if i can succeed but maybe that's what i am telling eira. I need a medium for me to explore what I truly am and what really am i capable of doing. I am not saying i am not happy right now.. coz really i am especially when i am here in front of my PC talking with people who shares the same interest. I have more online buddies that real friends to tell you... I treasure them a lot for sure. But still i am looking for my own essence in this planet as a human not only as an AVATAR (lol). So I hope i can start working on myself too though i don't know where to start.. So grateful for that movie.. it inspired me... anyways, too emotional for me... i just have to spill out this emotions coz i think its really something to be remembered and to be inspired of. So am stopping now..

c yah!!!


=) deah


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