MIssed and being F - up

talked to marlon over @ ym this morning.. hehe i miss him damn much! lol good thing he already out down my uber disastrous JS pic from his cabin.. I'm gonna kill him if he put that up again.. hehe.. we talked about how we miss our baby egan and also he will try to ask their personnel if he can have a trip to my place. waaa! that would be the very best gift i'll have if its gonna happen. hehe.. went to work, nothin much, again i was left all alone til closing.. oh i forgot, i was stuck there with Chris! haha! sorry dude for forgetting you were with me.. lolz. My parents picked me up though i didn't expect them too. i bought 2 mini wheats.. hehe! vanilla and strawberry.. add it to my collection of Bfast cereals to think i haven't had breakfast eversince a decade ago.. lol! so i might as well call it my snack cereals.. hehe! watched TV til 1am, what programs, errr... like off the leash which is a reality show for those stage dog owners who tries to be a celebrity by using their pets as a medium. lol! i love lola though but... i pity the pets.. i dunno, i'm torn with this program.. and also i was able to watch TMZ lolz.. one of my favourite tabloid show.. haha! expose the musn't exposed! haha! they are now into those grammy awardees. Paul Mcartney is kinda rude.. thumbs down to what he did to this guy who's got this strong accent (i think it is jamaican accent) and then he blurted out to the guy's face "no speak unglish *brit accent* duh! shame on you! who else struck me?? hmmm dang! can't remember.. too sleepy to think about it.. hehe.. and there is this rihanna and chris brown thing.. i am getting sick of it eversince it came out like... wth! the issue is overly exposed all over the world!

well that's it for today.. yays to me... no arjoe stuff.. better be ready for overload arjoe stuffs tomorrow.. heheh!!!



=) deah


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