Updated my ARJOE FANFIC list

hihi added 3 more arjoe fanfics that i really enjoyed. To all arjoe angels who are now having a hard time coping up with arjoe's absence in the limelight, you can settle by reading these stories.... Unfortunately, there were not that much of arjoe fanfics made.. makes me really sad especially now! if you go to winglin, before you can see 2 or 3 fanfics in the 1st page that circles ariel and joe but now, waaaaaaaa...... If only i can write stories, gosh! i would really share it to the world. Right now, i am sooo getting pissed with my dvd player.. dang! i already converted all my tka subbed files but yet it still won't play! what more must i do?!?!?!?! huhuhu! so sad!!!!!

so now what, i was here at home the whole day doing nothing... actually i did some icons, will post it after this... hehe.. wish i would be more productive tomorrow.

SHOUT OUT! anyone who's reading my blog, if you also have a blogger blog or any blog, i wanna request if we could exchange links... i'm very willing to add you in my blogroll... and hope you could add me too...

hao lah!!! xie xie guys... bye bye....


=) deah


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