moving to our new home

hihi.. ok gomen gomen gomen!!! i am soooo slacking from blogging for a couple of months now.... so what's up?!? i know no one read my blog now but anyways... so right now, our whole pad is sooooo freakin cluttered.. reason?!?! well, we are gonna be moving to our new house in less than 5 days!! woohoo!!! i am all excited for the fact that we're gonna be having our 1st HOME! or let me say.. our 1st house.. hehe.. home is such a soulful word to describe a physical structure.. hihi... so, like my room is so messed up that i can't bare to look at it.. up til now i haven't finished packing all of my stuffs... dang!! gosh! i am sooo in trouble for the next upcoming days before the move............... oh well.. i miss chatting with the girls and marlon.. my pc, well its still there but... i don't know where to place myself in front of it... like i have a travelling bag in my computer chair... and i can't even amneuver to go there... waaaaaa!!! i hope this move will be over soon... i can't live like this.. oh! have i said that my lappie is now working??? bwahahahah!! yes!! it is!!! and i am actually using it right now.. voila! yay!! happy me.. hehehehe...

ok.. going arjoe mode now.. i am freakishly angry with ariel right now.. believe me, i am not alone with this.. i can't seem to understand why would ariel, didn't manage to attend any of the taipei performances of joe... cmon! i can understand if its out of the country but... dang!! i bet joe felt really sad knowing that this special person in his life didn't or wasn't able to participate in his success... waaaaaaaaaa!!! ariel, better come up with something to make up for what you did or else... i might start believing what may is always telling that you definitely doesn't deserve a man like joe who.... in all your special events, was there.. cheering up for you... who was there when you won you're 1st acting award?? tell me?? who shouted his lungs out when you're name was called by the presenters..... it's none other that JOE!!! joe zheng yuan chang!!! hey do i really have to give out his whole name?? lolz. i am just so pissed... and and.. another one is, when she had her launch for her 1st book... JOE WAS THERE!!! omg... i am feeling so so sorry for joe... he deserves a lot from ariel... and it makes me even more sad that some ppl!!!!!! thinks the other way around.. omg, they don't know the facts! ok... lets say ariel sent flowers and was TOO KIND ENOUGH to apologize to joe while she was in china for an event.. if its me, what else can i do?? right? but the damage was still there... and you can't change the fanct that she really didn't showed up! to think joe was all excited proclaiming to the world that ariel already got the ticket.. in which he got for her.... (grr) that she will be watching because of DIRECTOR LAM!! (yeah right) haizzz this issue really bummed me so much!!!! but don't get me wrong, i am still madly in love with ariel and joe together.. but, individually, i am more into Joe's side... well that's really the case from the start for me... like?? too obvious... i even had his initials in my username.. JC = joe cheng... my u/n DGLUVJC... haha!! i am so sure you got it right?? haha!

and then, now what?? when will we ever see arjoe together again.. they blew it up on this event,, as if we got so much from the YSL event... i can consider that as nothing! hahaha! why?? its true.. there's not even a single clip of them together.. just pics.. and joe stayed there for just a little while.. and it was just like joe was there to give SUPPORT!! to his lao po.. dang! i must title my post as SUPPORT!! grrrrrrrrrrrr am really effin angry!

haiz... if ever my mahal is reading this, i just want to shout out from Canada to Bahrain.. my over the top screaming of I LOVE YOU to him... haiz.. i miss him so much... and mahal, thanks for the gift... though i still haven't got it because of the reason you already know, i really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart... huhu.. i love you mahal!!!!!

kei... i hope to be able to post sth again in the next 2 days for i would be out of net connection after that coz of our move...

see you.. and arjoe angels, hope you'll be good! hahahah!!! no messing up the threads ok... or else, you'll get a booty spanking from me.. hihi...


=) deah


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