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So today is the 23rd of december, i am on my way to work right now lucky to be able to ride the express bus.. Omg, its gonna be crazy later at work.. I hope to not encounter any trouble customers or my bubble might burst.. Unfortunately i wasn't able to go to tita marivic's place for their house blessing.. I briught half of my gifts for my friends at work.. Hope they'll like them even if they are just simple gifts.. Though i dont want to spend that much on gifts i always make sure i have one for all if ever i plan to prepare to give gifts.. I think i inherited this trait from my mom.. Last night it unbearable to see my folks fighting over money.. Its so freakin pathetic.. I am thinking like, hey guys don't u watch tv or read anything? These things are always an issue on some shows on tv and they probably have seen the outcomes of these types of arguments.. Why does money have to be an issue always in every household?? I hope when i get married someday, me and my other half wont arvue because of these... Its really nasty and unbearable to look at..

Anyways i am feeling kinda nauseatic right now, typing inside te bus... Ciao for now, laterzzzz


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