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I just finished watching this newly released film of robert pattinson titled HOW TO BE which tackles about the struggle of a young man to find himself, and have to know his real purpose... Its actually an old indie film.. Originally released in other european countries within the last 2 previous years (not too sure abt the exact time though) its twisted in a way but removing all the drooling i did for robert pattinson, the film is good! Maybe u could relate to it in a way, especially if u are going through the same crisis as the
main character.. *ehem ehem.. Like me* and robert did a convincing job playing the character or Arthur.. Its so nice to see him act like he's not really acting and talking using his real accent.. I see rob as Art in a way.. Hehhe i dunno if u consider that as compliment or not but i am leaning more on the positive end...

Wow i miss blogging in here.. Hopefully i can make use of these more often like before..

Ciao and needing to sleep so bad now.. Zzzz

:) deah

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The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

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