hmmm boring??

today is one of the most unproductive day of mine when it comes to my real world. I wasn't able to come to school today because of this pesky diarrhea... and i missed the groupings made by my instructor in microcomputer! which sucks bigtime... huhu.. i spent my day watching and laughing out loud because of showtime.. vice ganda is back and anne curtis looks stunning with her rockstar look at the beginning of the show.. her singing?? well... let's just leave it all to the looks! hahaha! but she's enjoying it so that's cool. then slept because of boredom. awaken by my mom asking me to eat this rice porridge which, i still have to recook because it tasted to bland.. then went online, freaked out coz i saw my classmate's plurk that he's making a powerpoint presentation.. i thought its for the same subject. good thing it's not but, boos! he told me the thing about the groupings.. i ended up emailing my instructor.. dem! i hate being left out for group organizing! it sucks to be left out without a group yknow! hehe.. then may and i chatted til almost 3am (we just finished chatting minutes ago) about arjoe stuffs... before i bring myself out of bed while plurking on my phone.. she made me jump out of laughter because she keeps on teasing me about something! lol! she's so crazy!!! so yey.. she gave me things to do *as usual* and i uploaded some joe cheng files. now i am infront of my laptop and typing this.. needs to sign off soon though..

i miss bf and work peeps. i'll be back at work tomorrow.. not something i want to do but i want to see my friends at work again.. hehe..



=) deah


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