its hard if you get used to it

oh this is nothing... it should be just nothing.. i don't wanna think about it. sigh! i am just missing someone right now... all the smileys.. lol! its a busy day for my brain today but not for my body. i am recently enjoying my laptop. though its still not so useful as it should be but its so cute!! pink pink! hahaha! me and may were still stuck on the download section files. i am pretty sure i'll be showered with arguments again from my dad once all those files finish its download process.. sigh!

anyways, i am so sleepy now. gotta be at school tomorrow morning because of that stupid assignment.


=) deah


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Hey Its Me.. DEAH

And, my name is DEAH.

The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

You might be able to see some swearing and bitching here and
there so that's a warning.. Not suitable for babies.. lol..



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