after a long time, we chatted! yey

i am chatting with marlon right now.. blog-worthy! hehe.. i am feeding him with ideas on how he could go here or when can i go back to phils. but when our convo got into the school part, i was telling him off! i hate questions regarding school.. we only talk like what? once in a blue moon then he'll inject some questions regarding school.. it pressures me.. and i don't like it. anyways, i told him too that i don't mean to make an argument regarding that but i have to tell him what i feel about things so next time he can avoid those questions. I think i am being mean to him. but.. what can i do.. at least i am telling him my thoughts regarding his actions. and i also told him about him being a boring conversationalist in person.. that he talks more when we chat or text.. i want our relationship to be more vocal. can you believe like sometimes, he calls me up.. 3 times.. then when i answer the phone, i'll hear more sighing than talking! like what the hell.. you're spending your credits just to sigh on me.. lmao! i always do the talking and i think its time for him to know my take on those kind of stuffs.. coz sometimes, though i know its kind of nasty for me to say this but sometimes, i prefer chatting with him that talking to him thru phone coz we're having more things to talk about when we do textual talks than voice talks.. sorry mahal if you're reading this but as to what i told you, i am quite used to it and it doesn't change how i feel towards u but you have to know.... we're living miles apart so we need to spice up our relationship so we won't feel bored through our relationship.. i think i did something right today.. lolz

so yeah, i just finished reading this news from MTV regarding the new book to be released by Stephanie Meyer before Eclipse hits the big screen. its a short story made long (!?!?!) so its more of a "novella" as to what she termed it. i was surprised by this move from SM. oh the title of the novel would be:

'The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner'

to those who don't know who the hell was BREE TANNER and wanted to know her, read along but i'll alert you now for lotsa spoilers from the story of ECLIPSE..

 ... if you haven't read the 2 last books of the twilight saga, then yes, you won't even have the slightest idea who she was.. Bree was one of the Newborn vamps that victoria changed or turned for the purpose of battling the cullens especially edward and bella (of course, what's new, they all wanted to kill bella anyways.. this twilight saga should be called, KILL BELLA! lmao) to revenge the death of her partner James. She's the last newborn left and pleaded Carlisle if she could instead join them and embrace their vegan ways.. but ended up being destroyed  by the volturi (specifically by felix) for the reason that "they don't give second chances" oh yeah, true.. they aren't humans after all right, hehe.. so, yeah.. i think its a good way to give ppl an insight on what to see on eclipse specially on the part of jasper and newborns. btw, this would be out on June 5, and will also be available free from June 7 to July 5 at but i read from Kaleb's post who quoted the whole article from SM's site that they would ask for a small amount of cash to be donated to the Haiti Relief or any disaster-oriented cause.

my opinion..

ok, for me yes its a good way to introduce ppl to the new and exciting world of newborns that would be pretty much tackled on eclipse but, for me, this is not what i expected from SM soon.. i demand for midnight sun! tho yes, this story was done even way way before breaking dawn was written etc. but still, i think lots of SM fans are asking for midnight sun than this.. but hey who am i to demand right.. that's just me, but i would still buy or read this book for i wanna know more about the newborns and how they lived in the hands of victoria.

long rant again.. i am blogging a lot these day...

ciao and hope for some comments... just post it on my shoutbox oki!

♥ to loren and cathy who dropped by..



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