Eclipse Full Trailer

Though i posted this one already in my twilight blog but, of course, this is something PERSONAL for me.. hahaah! it deserves to be here yah know.. lol!!

while watching this, i swear i literally told myself if i can be isabella swan just on that moment where edward proposed his love for her... and promised to love her every moment forever.. omgosh! i just melted!! i need ice ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huhu, failed to see the Eclipse trailer on the big screen due to being late.. stupid bus who delayed everything!!! stopping for more than a minute twice and such and such! grrrr! but at least i had 2 hours of full TYLER moments, and the intimate moments of Allie and Tyler.. darnit Emilie! lucky individual who's able to touch and be touched by rob like that! hahah getting crazy now..

and rob looks so, so.... soo... hahah! ykno what.. i can't even describe him now. like, he's all bruised, bloody, drunk, but still manage to capture me and be desirable to the eyes... waaaaaaa and his american accent! just amazing! i kinda cried at the end, not only because *spoiler* of what happened but for his family too... i am actually surprised to find myself in tears.. crazy!

Remember Me is worth watching! worth your 2 hours sit inside the theater..

kudos to all the cast and crew of the movie!


=) deah


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