Girl's Night Out at the Bistro again

our skating plans went to the trash but at least, we we're able to have a night out.. i had a lot of fun even though its just me, ann, ate alma, ate cherry and apple. i think out of all the tables, we're the ones who're having lots of laughs and so so loud as if we own the place. i had one bottle of smirnoff (my fave) and lotsa food! hahah! we even had sinigang! its really nice to be with some people who works for the bar you are in.. we get some freebie (lumpiang shanghai) and the owner sometimes hangs out on our table.. cool! lolzzz

anyways, i can't seem to think of anything to write except for the instance wherein i am so proud of myself.. reason? it's something i don't really wanna share here.. maybe on my other blog.. ahehe.. its for you to find out! haha! and currently, i am watching my brother play metal gear 3. i love watching the game because there's a theatrical side to it, not just all-play.


deah =)

=) deah


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Hey Its Me.. DEAH

And, my name is DEAH.

The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

You might be able to see some swearing and bitching here and
there so that's a warning.. Not suitable for babies.. lol..



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