Got a new haircut!!

at last, after perhaps, 9 months.. i had a new haircut! woot! its kinda like the one i had before though, but i like it..... hopefully others will too.. but not that i care so much. my mom and i were spending a whole lot of time together this past few days which i love! i missed her so much, we only get to see each other at around 8pm til her sleeping time.. during weekends, its either i have work or she's being brought somewhere by her feet.. hehe.. she calls saturdays as her chill time with the shops. lol! funny! anyways, we both had our haircut from this salon in cedarbrae mall. its not that expensive at least... and we both were quite happy with the result. I love having my hair done coz like what i said, i always get compliments with my hair.. how i wish those compliments will go more towards the person and not the hair though.. lmao! but at least... that's enough for me... don't be such a greedy ass! ;p

and i finished doing my microcomputer assignment.. i got 100 marks for it! yehey! its not that hard though.. good thing i have some powerpoint background so its not something alien to my knowledge and vocab. i also finished this drill... its harder than i thought coz you need to do exactly what and how the instructions want you the drill be made.. but that's just not me.. coz if i know an easy way to do things then i'll do it on that alternative.. sometimes the program would accept but... MOST of the time, they DON'T! so its really annoying.. but i was able to finish it anyways, almost 4 hours i think, give the 3 hours to me watching my brother play metal gear 3. bummer coz he's supposed to continue on but because of his stupidity, he got caught and those pesky guards were chasing him.. so he decided to call it a day and stop playing.. boooooos!

need to finish up and sleep... ughh my PMS makes me soooo sleepy this past days.. and i seriously feel like doing nothing! just go to sleep and lay my ass on my bed.. now i am gonna continue doing it.. ahehehe..


deah =)

=) deah


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