I am so screwed

ei ei! i love my new layout! though i haven't edited some stuffs because of time constraints, i still love it.. ahihi..

going back to the whole "i'm screwed" topic, oh my gosh! i didn't know that tomorrow is our midterms exam in my canadian studies class! i am just thinking of coming to class tomorrow because i've been absent from that class for 3 meetings straight.. yeah yeah, its all my friggin fault.. but what the hell! i don't want to drop that class! so now, good thing he provided the materials to be used for the exam but, that thing is.. i don't have the hand outs! he might get something from there... huhu.. i am pretty pretty screwed! i just hope to pass the exam tomorrow.. i'll stay up late tonight! if i can do that while reading the friggin twilight or dan brown books then i can do it with this... JIA YOU dada!!

and the worst part, i didn't fixed my switch with ate dolores so now i have to work til 11pm.. omgosh! why was this happening to me... huhu.. i am so having my bad karma on me right now...

good thing i brought my lappie to work today.. i really plan to do some school work to kill my 3 hours wait before my shift.. and now i am wasting it writing on this piece of crap.. *kidding*

so anyways, i might write again later... i just wanna shout out my gratitude to the makers of EVER NOTE application.. they made it possible for me to have the article that i need to read on my phone.. whew!!!! that's a 1% relief from my 100% problematic ass..


=) deah


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