placed a favicon on my blog

at last! i was able to figure out how to place a favicon for this blog! hihi! since may and gio termed me as BUTTERCUP of arjoe PPGs.. lol! i placed buttercup as my favicon. here is the original image i used!

i wanna use some other BC animated images but this particular one is the clearer one coz it was already a small graphic. anyways, i haven't finished my hot twilight guys post because of the picasa glitch *blogger's image host* but watch out for it... and i wanna shout out to loren and give her gazillion hugs for taking some time in peeking on this blog. because of you i had to place my shoutbox at the front page but you could still find it on the 3rd ♥ from the navigation menu near my pic to the left... =p



=) deah


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Hey Its Me.. DEAH

And, my name is DEAH.

The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

You might be able to see some swearing and bitching here and
there so that's a warning.. Not suitable for babies.. lol..



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