Seafood Pasta for Dinner

Tonight, i think is the 6th day of my mom's absence here in Canada, so.. again, i was forced to cook our dinner. I know how to cook but i am just not fond of doing it.. boo tardiness,, boo! lol.. my dad suggested that i just combine this 2 knorr pasta meals and add this pack of seafood he bought from superstore,. but since he already finished up all our milk, i still have to stop by the nearby grocery store and get some.. so turns out not well coz its texture looked so soupy.. so i fixed it by adding some cornstarch and voila! now it looks like a pasta meal! heeheheh.. and the seafood mix blended well with the spices from the pasta pack. yumm!! its my first meal for the day to think its dinner time. How i wish mom was here with us right now.. i remember she always praise my dishes.. but i know the reason behind it was.. she's encouraging my cooking skills for me to be forced to cook more at home! hahah! not sure if that's the real deal but i am still glad of all the praises.. lolz..

wow! 3 posts in one day.. i am surely bored..

oh and i just read this article about the changes that would be showcased for the next SYTYCD season! i think its a good move from nigel so people won't get tired of watching the show.. and hear this!!! MIA MICHAELS will be so so back with her choreography!! i mean.. SICK choreography! and Mary would be choreographing as well! what a season it will be! so better watch out for it dance fanatics! =)

.... loving the thought of maybe seeing katee or joshua on SYTYCD stage again performing!! wahaha! that would be a wowza worthy!!!



=) deah


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