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i am going through twitter and saw this abbreviation NGL and got curious on what it means so.. i searched for it and google brought me to this uber informative and hilarious website filled with all the slangs you can think of! so here are some of the ones that i saw and interests me..

MACHOLE - its like another term for asshole or a mac user who is a total asshole..

NGENTOT - it means FUCK in the indonesian language... (WTN!) hahah

YDA - you dumb ass - i actually heard about this from my CSM at work when she asked me what that means,, and funny! i told her the meaning might be YOU DON'T ASK .. hahah! dummy answer!

MacJobby (i am in the M page so most of this would be letter Ms) - people who goes to a fastfood resto just to use the toilet! bwahaa! now i know the term for that act..

Macked - made out with someone

madbot - a person who spends a great deal of time in aol or yahoo chat and has succumbed to mad cow disease

ass-bo - clipped from assbolism. The painful gas bubble formed by forcing air through the anal sphincter. A reverse fart

and i am sleepy now.. will post more tomorrow night.. =p

=) deah


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