weirdest thing... i screamed while seeing the extended scenes from new moon.. esp seeing edward on the volturi scene.. and i just squealed! creepy! i dun wanna turn into those squealer fanatics.. haha! maybe because i am just alone and didn't care about everything else other than edward! lolzzzz

woke up 1pm, had adobo for lunch, cleaned the yard, plurked i think more than 5 times.. chat with loren and irish, exchanged messages with may, lhunla and atchie, cathy and shurelee.. funny i gave the wrong gist regarding the bulol (mike he) article.. though its wrong, i preferred it over the true translation of the news.. hhahaah! finished my assignment in typing class... ate nilagang manok and potato salad for dinner, oh and the ribs left-over filled me in! and now, its almost 5am and still typing here...

ciao ciao!!



=) deah


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