Added Another Blog Account to my Gazillion List

this is almond's fault!! hehehe.. i signed up for and i was amazed to see that you could update it using your mobile.. ugghhhh! no no... i prefer to blog here.. this is my original blog since what?? i think i was still in highschool or something, wait let me check.. lol!!

... ok so i was wrong, i started this blog since 2005. hehe.. this is my 2nd blog after blogcube got stalled.. so i might stick to this or something.. aaack!! whatever..

so what's up??

starting my nightly blurbs!! *things i did in random order*

- i did something very bad! omg, i completely forgot to do some abstinence from meat! drat! i am so sorry Lord! i honestly forgot this... i swear!! i promise to make it up and do a lot of penitence next year.. lol! so why do it next year right? i dunnoo.. (my own QnA portion.. wth)

- did some garden/yard work this afternoon. planted some seeds, hoping it would bear good results soon.. i hate it when my plants won't even bud out.

- wth, i seriously swear i saw some play times for clash of the titans today in scarborough town center.. why the hell was it closed?? it made me look dumb! A@!$#$

- going through my google feed and saw a lot of yummy kellan and jackson pics!! i'll post it on my twilight blog.. dernit! hotties!! i am so so loving jackson rathbone everyday.. like its going up one notch each day that passes..

- my previous blog post here failed to be fed by twitterfeed on my twitter and facebook accts! what the fudge!!! that app is getting to my nerves now. hopefully this one will post..

- oh and i think today, i got the most number of followers ever! i think i got more than 10 or what.. coz i remember i slept its just 165 or 166.. but now i got 178! its actually 179 a while ago and i lost one.. boos! tnx to you all guys! you're giving me reasons to post more stuffs!

- oh this!!! i was watching oasis channel and they featured this mating season for anacondas. my gosh! i was soooooo amazed, frightened (i think i just had tachybrachia while watching that) and soooper thrilled with what i saw... this man was looking eye to eye with the freekin snake!!!! and the giant snake even licked the man's nose! omg.. that was soo scarily cool!! i have a pic of that on my dad's cam.. i told him you need to rewind and pause that part coz i seriously need to capture it for my blog! lolzzzzz i'll post it soon once i get my hands on his memory stick, i think i still have to snatch it for some minutes.. hehe.. coz he would never entrust that thing to me. my fault for i think i lost a lot of his memory cards from before.. lmao! gomen!!

- i just finished reading my graphic novel.. i think i did it for 30 minutes.. its so short! now i want to reread the whole twilight saga again.. drat!! i still have to finish the last symbol ehhh... but i dunno why i can't.. i am just so excited for the next scenes that i don't think my heart can take all those mysteries.. its even more thrilling than the first 3 books that i read from dan brown! lot lot more!!

- last but not the least.... i miss my mom!!! she needs to go back here soon.. huhu! and yey my dad fixed our dishes for the 2nd time.. kudos to my father.. hope it will not be the last! lolzzzzz

and that's probably it. hope this would feed!!

adieu my readers.. if there's any and i doubt it! haha

ps. tumblr account (too lazy to check it out up there...)


=) deah


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