Eclipse: Collector's Edition and New Paperback Covers

OMG! just what i've been waiting for!!! i'll for sure buy this copy... FOR SURE!! or... waaaaaaaaa now i am torn! coz i saw this new paperback cover of eclipse which showcased the theatrical poster of eclipse and the other one which has bella, having edward in her eyes (translates, i only have my eyes for edward so back-off jacob! lmao) i am still gonna check on what to get coz i only want one copy... drat! or maybe 2... omg.. i am such a sick twihard!!

here are the images of the eclipse books (c/o barnes and nobles)

Eclipse: Collector's Edition - available on May 18, 2010 but you could pre-order it on BN (use the title's link)


Bella with Edward on her eyes cover - available May 25, 2010

and the Eclipse Theatrical Poster - available on May 18, 2010

so which one would be better? i am really thinkin of getting the collector's edition for the reason that i have the new moon version of that.. and its hardbound!! hehehe.. but the paperback poster with bella really caught my senses adding up the fact that jacob is nowhere to be seen, plus edward on her eyes!! waa! i am so fucking confused!!!



=) deah


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