Nightly Blurbs part 2

woot woot! on the mood for another nightly blurbs.. brought to you by this pathetic writer.. lmao!!!

- had an exam this morning for my intro. to word processing class (shortcut: typing class.. dumb!) and guess what? my damning the other night paid off! i screwed the test! demmit! why must that friggin teacher include the parts of a friggin letter! frigger!!!!! i dunno, i am having high hopes for the practical part of the exams. i hope i nailed it or else, i'll definitely fail that..
- wasted another 2 hours for our microcomputer class.. that could be the most time wasting class here in canada, but i still vote my RLE class from FEU as the best among the rest! lol! i remember getting 1.75 marks there to think i only attended 5 meetings the whole semester.. hahah! cool right?
- hanged out with kath ellen alisha and ryan after class.. first time to hang out with my classmates.. hehe.. saw angelic and lawrence at the student center.. oh well, at least i was able to get along with new people.. that's good for me i think.. need new ppl to socialize or i'll be stuck with myself and my laptop..
- i am not an absolute fan of stressing out my feet muscles.. but today, i think i gave it a shot! first, i used stairs going to my 3rd floor class.. 2nd, walked from markhan/lawrence til scotiabank that could be 2 bus stops away.. then stood on the line for more than an hour just to deposit my tax refund for the benefit of my dad, which, later that night he told me that it could still wait another day.. wth!!
- decided to walk again back to the same intersection so i could save up a token.. bought my first meal (actually, only meal) of the day at BK but hear this... i stood another effin 30 minutes just to wait for my turn to be served! then, after receiving my long-awaited brunch, i had to run to catch the coming bus!
--------------- could u imagine all that muscular exercise i imposed to my body today.. i am sure it does feel a little grateful for these.. lmao! yeah right, i pigged out when i reached home and had a nap after 20 minutes.. duh! hehhehe
- had a crazy sched for work (5:45 p.m. like?!?!?) got entertained by miss sara g, through her burning dance moves to the tune of billie jean! lmao! love yah sara! u never fail to make me laugh.. oh before that, i just called up R.A. to check on what's happening back there since today (day for their timezone) is the burial of my aunt. i felt bad when i heard my mom crying and... i felt sad.. almost too emo that i almost cried because, i can't imagine that i'll never see tita aning again.. oh shizzzz i am crying! huwaa! stop it! hold it!! i still have a post to finish.. ok ok.. then after that call, that's the time sara did her moooves! and thinking back on her makes me laugh again! hahah! ♥ to sara again..
- at last, i was able to grab the gazebo that my dad and i were meaning to buy for the last couple of weeks. hehe... but with the cause of menandro bugging me with his "ay may lamok" cornific stints.. good thing kuya chris was there.. hehe he's such a nice guy! luv yah kuya chris and tnx for helping me out and not leaving me to menandro's hands... he's such a bugger! lolzz hope he'll never read this or he'll for sure bug me more!
- back to twittering and fb-ing... and yey! april fools day! lotsa stooopid and funny posts today.. hehehe.. and of course, i am joining the wagon.. twilight-related of course! one of those that i read which made my eyes go O.o was the post where it says Robert Pattinson will not be casted for Breaking Dawn.. like wtf was that! and that article doesn't have any ps. its just my april fool's day present or anything like that... but i know that's the main purpose... me and all others believe that to be as such! it should!! waaaaaaaaa breathe!!!

and before i travel to my sweet slumber, i must remember to... wash the friggin dishes.. or i mean, make the dishwasher wash our dishes.. lolz..

any comments, pls do post it in my shoutbox! or drop me a line! i would really appreciate it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!





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