haven't blogged for a while

Welcome back to me! Yay!! Haven't been blogging for quite sometime now.. Swear! I've been meaning to post something maybe days ago but i keep on forgetting it, proof?? Here, instead of doing it on either my pc or laptop, i am doing it using my phone!! Hahah insane!,so whattup!! Back to school after 10 days of vacation (boo) and got into the same block as to what my friends had which is good!! I actually was so thankful to God coz He gave me a chance to have a bunch of friends at school though i hate to admit it that i'm actually they're "ate" huhu.. Haha! And another thing to give praise to him is.. "i passed all my subjects!!" woot!! I am soo scared that i might fail my english (i seriously don't want to repeat it all over again) or my microcomputer class.. I failed to present my orals for both classes that's why i am so freakin out.. And yes, i did freaked out too when i saw my grades! Hahah! Thanks to God talaga..

And our ottawa-quebec-montreal tour is coming up!! Time was so fast!! As of now, i haven't given them a copy of the itinerary for montreal and ottawa but i am finished with it.. Honestly, i just finished montreal minutes ago.. Hahah! Lotsa places to look at! Wish we could accomodate them all...

anw, i really need to sleep now coz i have a 12:30 pm class tmr..

Blog again soon ayt (giving reminders to myself)



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