Pic-Spamming my Blog

as to what i've cited on my lousy title, i'll be posting some of my pic-whoring moments here in this post.. i, again, did some make-up session today coz... yeah i am quite bored.. procrastinating.. and played with my webcam again..

wondering where i could get a photo album widget which i could coordinate with this blog so that my pic posting would be easier...

but for now, here they are.. and please don't laugh!! lol! i am the only one who got the right to laugh at myself ok!!!!!! =/

ahh this is kinda not entertaining at all... i still have lots but i am feeling lazy of uploading them one by one!!! grr...

ok maybe that's it... i'll try to post more later.. mom's calling me for dinner... akk! they'll see me looking like am going to a party or what! funny!!!


=) deah


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The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

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