Things I love about Twilight Saga Eclipse

lemme start this post off by showing you my tickets for the premiere of twilight saga eclipse.. TICKET..SS.. meaning yes, i have multiples of it.. ok just two. haha! yeah you'll think i am crazy but who cares! you're not the one who spent points or money for the damn tickets anyways and its not your time which will be wasted so if you're not down with it then back off man! *yeah i am THAT defensive coz i've been getting some nasty twilight bashing reactions from some PPL!* so stop the bashing and start showing.. =p

i'll be watching the film with my mom on the 30th coz basically i am that twi-gaga that i wanted to see it on the 1st day considering the fact that i'll surely see a lot of twitter posts regarding the movie and it suckss to be the one spoiled.. i'd rather be the one spoiling them.. hehehe! and my mom agreed! she even bought our tix using her scene points! how awesome was that! yeah yeah.. but if you know the whole story, its not all grand at all.. let's say, you can never have it all.. you know,, the positives.. lol .. and, the other ticket is booked for july 6th which will be my movie date with my bff Susana or, perhaps, we might have some ppl tagging along with us as well, but whatever happens, for sure our date would push through.. =p talking about assurance, my bff insisted that i buy the tickets too for that date so that there's no baking off anymore.. lol! as if!! i can watch twilight everyday if you want.. lol! oops, sounding like a total loser here.. haha.. DUH! 

ok moving on with the REAL issue of this post.. so here, i am listing all the wonderful things to love about the book 3 of stephenie meyer's twilight saga.. ECLIPSE (i am gonna base this on the book ok, coz as of this time, i haven't watched the film, and i think that's already given out from the friggin image of the tix.. hehe) 

  • 1st reason is the most obvious... ALOT of EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!! haha i won't elaborate more on this.. let's just say, i missed him so bad from the last film
  • Eclipse is more action-packed.. i love to see the vampires BE vampires and be badasses! not that i don't love them being the well-tamed ones but its a refresher to see them being bad.. and hot bad guys are hot! lol! and this goes with hot chicks as well.. (and i am straight.. hehe)
  • of all the books, Eclipse got all this back-stories that will make you learn more about the side characters, jasper's, rosalie's, the wolfpack.. who else.. if based on the movie, i think they placed some backstory of bree as well.. basing it from the newly published book of Bree Tanner's life by same author.
  • another reason, introduction of a lot of new interesting characters like well, bree, riley, leah clearwater, seth (of course, i am team seth btw) 
  • in this book, jacob and edward was able to have a guy-to-guy talk on the tent scene! dang! this would be the much-anticipated scene in the movie when it comes to the whole love-story side of the film.. 
  • bellward kisses are raised to a whole new level.. not just in quality but in quantity as well! lol..
  • it will end the rivalry of jacob and edward as bella would now be making her choice.. (did i hear anyone say.. AT LAST! oh maybe that's just me.. lol)
  • how awesome would it be to see the great rivals, wolves (i never liked calling them werewolves coz in the book, it was cleared that they were not real werewolves but SHAPESHIFTERS is the correct term for them) and vampires get together to fight for a common cause.. TO SAVE THEM FREEGIN LONG-HAIRED GAL NAMED BELLA! dang you girl! you sure hits the jackpot bigtime in this saga.. BIGTIME!! 
  • and for the wolf's side, though i must say i am more of team vampire *except for little seth* this is the time that they can get their hand on the vampires whom they're allowed to kill. yey (not really.. boos to me.. )
  • big spoiler.. i am placing it spoiler highlights so its your choice.. BELLA IS GOING TO BE EFFIN ENGAGED TO MY EDWARD!!! a time for crying coz i will lose my edward but i a happy for bella.. she's the only one allowed to get edward from me.. haha! omg.. am i delusional and stupid or what!?!?! *laughs at myself*
  • last one that i can think of right now is.. Eclipse is give you a rollercoaster ride of emotions, relationships, decisions.. and much more.. 
... if breaking dawn didn't bring renesmee in the picture or the whole marriage and vampire turning thing, i think Eclipse would be my very very favourite book of all the saga hands down. that's why i am that excited to see the film and though, looking through all the tvspots, trailers, teasers.. etc. that Summit gave out to us, we could see some changes on some of the parts of the story, if it fits the story well then why not.. we still need to see to judge it and that i really can't fuckin wait! new moon is nothing compared to Eclipse.. new moon is just a bridge for the story to go to a more deeper dig of the twilight world. though i love how close the movie is to the film but, its the most boring book of all.. so i think that's how it was perceived by many as well.. but i didn't judge it that way.. coz i know how important the new moon book is to the whole saga.. but yeah.. its still boring.. i meant the book.. the movie for me is awesomely made and done but... storywise.. not.. hehe..

so that's it.. that's my umm not 5 cents, but maybe 50 cents coz its too long.. lol! the clock is ticking and June 30th is getting closer.. but damnit! its the longest 3-day wait that i'll be making.. 


=) deah <3

=) deah


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