i am getting addicted to you're beautiful. reason? i just love the lines that was used in the movie. and of course, full of beautiful ppl lol! plus the awesome OST of it. if i can only pronounce those korean words, i swear it would fall for my LSS of the Quarter award.  Too bad Jang Geun Suk is so young for my taste but man, he's sooo cutie patoooty!! hehe.. tho he looks too androgynous but the time he opens his mouth and talk or sing.. he's more manly than anyone!! omg.. he's blessed with this uber deep manly voice which sounds nice. i love the fact that he sung something live during the drama which showcased another side of him.

stop stop stop! i need to get over it or i'll end up watching this drama nth times like iswak. lol! i hate it when a drama struck me hard! i am having a hard time getting over it. wth is wrong with me.. hehe.. my old vice is conquering me again....... booooyah!

haven't blogged for a while.. busy with lots of stuffs.. school, yeah right! of course not.. when did i consider school as something that keeps me busy.. heheh.. its actually the endless hangout sessions that i have with my friends! oh i love my newly found peers! they're one of the best ppl on earth! i never thought i'll have social life here in canada but i have it now... all thanks to God for giving me a chance to know these people. Though i must admit, its a drastic change of lifestyle but who cares.. *maybe my parents do lol* its part of the saying, let's enjoy life to the fullest! hehe.. i am doing that right now...

sleepy sleepy..

seriously, with all these drama, i could really write a story and submit it to this phil. drama show! i bet this would earn them a decent viewership! lmao! i am just kidding..

all credit goes to:


you guys are the best... ooh and BUD! *manong di magulangan! lmao

=) deah


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