blurbiees before i sleep

i thought my multiply blog post would appear here. fuuuu fail!! anyways, what's the use of copy paste right?! tama right?! dumbbbb

i just wanna blog whateer happened today...

1st, last day of adding and dropping.. i can't believe i am dropping my math class. fuck math! i do not suck on that subject but really, i just can't find the initiative to come to that class.. esp if you're inside a class full of $$@##@ and @$@#@#, name it you'll find it in that class for sure. i just can't stand it. how i wish i was in takeno's class instead! waaaaaaaaaa

2nd, phone or phones got cut! omg. i got 2 phones and both of them got cut today.. fuck my life! i can't stand living a day without it. and my iphone!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaa i need my service back, for my iphone i mean.. BB was alive. hehe.. i was able to get it back and kickin. yey! but.. my iphone! waaa again..

3rd, was able to chat with my bestest friend ever! i miss her so much and i am so so glad coz its only her whom i entrust all things.. esp my uber deep dark secret that even here in my own personal blog, i can't even spill out. maybe on my other one.. lol! i have to kill you if ever you'll discover it. so just stay away.. whomever... whatever.. lolzz

4th, tequila night man!!! how many centuries have passed since i last drank this uber drink???? that's way way long ago that i can't even remember when.. oooh.. camping.. and it never fails to hit me hard.. whoever hates tequila misses a lot.. i just don't get it! hahaah... sunog baga amputa!!! hahaha

5th, movie night with friends.. add the tequila (can't stop talking abt it. tnx graciee) first is scott pilgrim vs. the world! man! that was like the mostest randomest movie i've seen. maybe because i am never a fan of those kind of movies.. its like watching scary movie.. at least Scary Movie got whatever they do there by doing other movie's parody but SPVW??! way too random for me! laughed all throughout the movie! lmao. and next one is I DO which is a fil. movie starring enchong and erich. its a fun movie. cheesy in some places.. but that's what i need in my life right now coz believe me, i lack like a notch lot! sometimes, stupidity steps in but who cares, the movie is a love story so being stupid comes with it, or maybe that's only me. hehe.. that's how i believe it's supposed to be. i love it! janus, oh gosh.. enchong pa! omgee talaga... i feel liek a pedo whenever i go gaga for this young lad but.. i just can't help it. he's a candy in my eyes.. hmmmm ok no more comment. i am a lil tipsy i might spill something unappropriate. lol! ito pa.. this one is the best line of the movie:

pagibig nga naman parang ipis lang na tinapakan, kala mo patay na, pero buhay pa pla!

hala! its the best line ever! lolzz naipasok nya ang ipis sa picture! the heck! whoever formulated this quote is a win!

anyways, i feel so bad not asking kath to sleep in my room but, where will she sleep in here.. my room is a superrrr mess.. i can't even think on where to freekin start with cleaning..

that's it. blurbiessss... and yes, i can now post this on my main blog! yoohoo.. but i have to sacrifice the other blog which i intend to make for my business but who gives a shit! lol! of its 3 or 4 years of existence, it only got 11 views.. omg... poor thing...

g'mornyt world! hope for a better tomorrow.
hope my phone would get reinstated soon.
hope i could fix whatever is going on with me. mentally in the most part.
please fix my life. and my heart. it's in deep shit right now.

blah blah... zzzzz

=) deah


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