happy happy! iphone's back

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i am bad with dates but i remember posting here that my iphone's line got cut. i feel like something's missing with me.. huhu! now it's revived! 1st reason to be happy. i miss the "E" or "3G" characters at the top of my screen. please don't ever go away again... ever! haha! thanks to my mom.. i feel so bad tho coz she gave me her money just for us to have our (me and my bro) line back. i promise to pay back.. promise! but maybe, she is too happy to notice that coz she just got her brand new iphone 4 this afternoon! wadapakyoooo! i want that too! hehe.. typical human.. can't get enough of what's already owned. greedy greedy.. but but... ok but... ahh whatever.. i want one too! there there.. i said it! I WANT IPHONE 4! lmao

oh and my dad got himself a blackberry.. welcome to the BB world dad! lol.. now he could go and facebook everywhere.. since he's a big facebook junkie.. oh yeah he is!! and he admitted that while we're trying to figure out how to remove his phone's battery. hehe.

at work, what happened at work?! i am supposed to blog something that happened at work. oh well, what's new.. its gotta be about a stupid customer.. again and again.. hehe.. i really can't remember. but most probably its about a stupid fag customer. lol!

facetime! cool stuff! lol..

ahh i just want my own iphone 4 and so glad i got my iphone back.

assignment no. 3 for integrated software. DONE

hope we did it the right way though...

need to sleep. zzzzzzz

stfu myself. you just can't stop blabbing. stop! zz

=) deah


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