hmmm i was dumbfounded by my bestfriend, while we're chilling @Mcd's, he started asking me if i get insecure everytime i see, i dunno.. i think he's referring to those pretty girls or people having someone together with them, i actually don't get it why would he ask for it.. honestly, i am just human, i am not perfect. but to be insecure towards someone who's not in a perfect situation is for me, a dumb thing to be in. I can say that i get insecure whenever i go and try on some clothes that can't fit me coz, i honestly love fashion and everytime i go to this store and like something but in the end, i can't have it coz it doesn't fit me.. that's the time i get so irritated and wished like i have the body to fit in this thing... lol! yeah shopping still influences me, even with my insecurity! lmao! what a life! anyways, its funny coz he never heard me answer a serious Q before and he got scared coz he said i sounded like i am gonna cry or something.. i dunno guy! like no one wants to see me serious in any way! i won't tell u instances coz for real, i'll fill up this thing with lots and lots of situations.. hehehe...

its already 5am, maybe an hour has passed since i finished talking to kathleen! i haven't talked with anyone for that long for years! i kinda missed it. if ever you get to read this, love yah girl! and thanks for entrusting me with secrets. hehe.. u know what i mean CHARLIE

hope i could blog more... hope this could be posted on my main blog.

"if you don't want to help yourself, then don't ask for other's help at all... you'll just mess up other people's life! you're not the only one who got problems in this planet y'kno what i mean... "i know right" haha"

=p dg

=) deah


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