untitled. period

no idea for title so whatever..

we just finished watching harry potpot! its a very good movie but it leaves everyone hanging.. omg! i want the next one too and its making me want to start reading my HP ebooks. i don't know how am i gonna finish all 7 books but, come to think of it, i was able to finish all four twilight books in 5 days so, i think if i'll be super hooked, seven books its just a piece of meat eh/...

so how about me,,, yeah me. the me whose been in emotional mode for the past few days.  i can't really explain here why but whatever it is, i am just praying soon, i'll go back to my normal self. Just be the "me" that everyone knows. I've been hiding from this something all my life that I don't even know if I could still live everyday and be normal if i ever remove this thing from me so, i better just let it be.

enough of those shitty emofuck thingy... i am excited for our niagara trip.. hopeful for it to be something that would be remembered. hope i won't get stuck with the "couples" plan: bring lots of books so if ever i'll get stuck with them, my book will help me get through whatever. lol!

happy happy night with friends... HP7.. winner! waiting for a lot of movies now. breaking dawn and HP. woot woot!

nighty everyone!

=) dg

=) deah


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