Service Dogs...

twice in 2 days, i was able to encounter service dogs inside tito tony's car (TTC). I just wanna say something that i've been meaning to let out of my chest with regards to them.  and that is...

I seriously love them but at the same time pity them...

maybe its because of the weather.. omg! those dogs are not even made to serve men but look what they are doing... i pity them coz, those two dogs that i saw... they have to endure the snow storm that's happening here in toronto. their owners should have at least given them a coat or something. =( on my way home today, the service dog that i saw, is a very pretty black labrador.. the poor dog's owner had the dog sit on a wet floor. =( i felt really bad for him when i saw the his bumbum dripping wet. plus its more than -10 outside so it would probably freeze.. huhu... i almost cried... i really have a soft spot for dogs.. i even detest on buying this uber pretty winter coat coz its fur is made of coyote fur.. ughhh i just can't imagine my face so close to a slain animal.. you might think i am a hypocrite for having this belief but yet i still eat mean. but then again, its a different scenario.. coz that one is all about survival and need. and those animals are not included on the endangered animal list. how about coyotes? their population is beginning to go down and one of the reason is for their fur which is being used for luxury coats! maybe if there's no such thing as faux fur then i might consider but...... you know... ok i won't elaborate more.. coz i think i have touched the idea pretty clear.

anyways, lol! i know many ppl would disagree with me about my coyote talk above and that's not even my main topic for this post but who cares.. its my blog and my opinion... =p *taray* my main point is, i hope ppl who uses service dogs can give proper care for their buddies.. you don't know how special those animals are and with what they do to you, they deserve all your TLC.

whatever.. i just love dogs.. i miss my dog.. i miss my bitoy and egan.. huhu.. stop it! i might cry for realzzz nah...

*signs off and off to sleep*


=) deah


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