Somethings. Some... things...

if ur my reader then u prolly know that title-making is never my forte. I haven't posted anything in this blog for centuries.. gomenasai! its been really rough and busy this past few weeks and i prefer to waste my time on senseless things than spending it wisely... tsk tsk.. if only i could impose to my brain how valuable time is, then maybe i won't make this much of mistakes... and my life would be a more simple one. but... i can't seem to do it.. don't ask me why, i might fill up this whole post with all swears and bad words for myself.. but whatever.. life a shit so.. let it be. heheh

so today, its been tiring but boring... i ignored my gned class *thanks to my stupid self*, was late for work *tnx to the man in the iron mask... i deserve to be the one with that instead of poor leo* and tired from work *tnx to the best time management of sum ppl who-must-not-be-named-for-my-own-good* i got a lot of sermons from some people.. i appreciate it much.. tnx to you all.. i guess, my stupid self still won over all the sensibility ppl are trying to make me realize. hard-headed? yeah i accepted that a long time ago...

things i am hoping to accomplish after i opened my eyes later and thanked God for my breath and my senses...

go to school and submit my timed-writing
sell my books
try to buy some gifts for christmas.. oh em gee.. i still need to make my list!
be a good daughter and try to clean up the other room to make.. room *lol! its all about the room* for our christmas tree.. its almost christmas and we still haven't put up our xmas tree..
... and try not to do some stupid things... or lessen it.. let's be real, doing something stupid is like an everyday routine for some of us. it can't be helped.. as what we always reason to ourselves and to others... "we're only human, born to make mistakes..." hmmm i think those words came from a song.. i might be wrong. lol!

anyhow... goodmornight to everyone and tnx for wasting some time reading this piece of whatevs..
i think i might have my period soon. danggg what's wrong with me.


<3 y'aalll

=) deah


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