already gone..

.. i am talking about my money.. lol! i just got my money and all of a sudden its gone.. like in a snap! huhu..

so what's up with me? can't say same old coz i've been through a rollercoaster week. Dramas, spending, PMS! drat that latter thing.. i hate it much! yesterday, i didn't even attend my class because i've had major major tummy cramps attack! i can't even get up from my bed. i feel bad not attending my class yesterday especially my english class. i can't promise but i'll not to miss another class again in the future weeks. God help me.. lol! I know, if you're reading, you prolly just rolled your eyes and thought "yeah right" believe me, i just did the same thing. =p

i learned somethings from what has happened these past few days.. i learned that trust is something a lot of people tend to abuse. i dunno like, you tell someone not to tell, they said yes.. after a few, the whole wide universe knows everything about it. to think you trusted them that they'll just keep that thing to themselves. even if they just meant well but still.. anyways, alls done is done.. at least something came up good after all that drama and stuff.. but, damage has been done.. i've been really good in keeping things for myself for the past few years of my life especially when my friends from back home did the same thing to me. maybe i became complacent with the people around me, thinking that its probable that what happened before would not happen this time.. guess, i was wrong. so i therefore decided to bring back that old habit again for my own good. just to save myself from disappointment and feeling of betrayal.. on the other hand, i was able to see through ppl through this experience. thanks experience for another well-learned lesson. much appreciated!!!

ok let's turn the mood around and talk about shopping! lol! i have a friend who nicked me as "shopaholic" lol! what's new.. i am self-confessed. i can spend 500 bucks a day and believe me, i dunno how the hell did that happened.

here's the list of my yesterday's expenditure (dear God, why am i doing this to myself)

american eagle: bought a cardigan (wearing it right now, i love it!) and pair of pants, both 50% off = $30
forever21: bought 2 cardigans = $30
payment: fido bills (yes bills! 2 of em) $175
shoppers: 92 bucks for a friggin clarins cleanser (this is the only cleanser that removed blemishes from my skin so i don't mind spending that much on it) 2 blending brushes (quo and lisa watier)
hollister: $60 for 2 tops (one for my mom and she loved it!) and a hoodie (half price so yay!)
aerie: i have this 20% discount towards my whole purchase so i got 7 for 25 panties, one hoodie and a henley, my total payment is $40
and... i got a juicy couture bag from mutya, i paid $80 for that and i thought its so worth it!
bought my student pass for $99

so basically i spent $606 just for that day.. whoa whoa whoa! ok.. i dunno if i should continue posting up my spendings, i'll have a heartattack soon!!!

today, i also did some shopping but, just to cut the story short, i spent more than 500 bucks again! stupid laptop warranty! if i only knew i would have to pay for that much, i should've not went there anyways... oh well, at least i can have that ease of mind where if ever *heaven pls don't permit* something happened to my baby, i could just bring it back and they'll replace it. esp. now that sometimes, it hangs and not respond.. my heart stops everytime that happens! haha! seriously...

lol! i didn't intend to post this much but i am glad i did just to make up for those weeks of being dormant from here. i still haven't posted the video from our clubbing. its in my lappie tho and i still have to convert it to another file type.. too much things to do.. but i'll post it i promise.. promise myself, i'll post it!

anyways, if ever you guys read this, and you got affected with whatever i poured out from this space, i don't mean to highlight things.. i just wanted to have a medium to let it out for the last time.. no pun intended.. i just wanna make a point. i still love you guys but... what's done is done... let's just forget it. i'll be mum about everything from now on and be the supporting friend (i think) for you guys..

meanwhile, i just wanted to post this video.. i just remembered how romantic this dance, timelessly romantic!

tnx for reading! hate it? then fuck yourself.. who told you to go here anyways (yeah atte tude kjell! lol)

grr.. no embed codes available.. oh well, here's the link to the HQ version. =)

=) deah


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