so i blogged again =)

.. yeah i did! i absolutely did! yey... its been more than a month since i blogged.. so i'll use this introduction to...

... greet everyone a belated merry christmas, and a prosperous new year!

and to start of my rants, i was surprised to see where i got some of my blog's traffic. lmao! its from a freekin weed blog! like?!?!?! i haven't posted anything here about MJ and etc. so why there?! bizarre isn't it. lol..

nice music from my ipod: "i'm broke but i'm happy" - lol so true!

back to school, yeah whatevs.. i am not promising anything but i will try my best not to screw any of my courses this semester. i wanna get out of that freekin school so bad! i've experienced all the hassles a school could give to their student from that college for sure that when i hear some complaints from someone, all i can mutter was "been there, done that" .. and those were honest words. =p

last week, we celebrated marissa's birthday hanging out on-ice =) its a lot of fun and i loved it! ice skating is one of my frustrations in life, though i swear i was in a figure skating class before, it seems like i can't even keep myself up on ice without stumbling here and there.. what happened to me? i shoulda continued doing it instead of being in dormant mode for the last 10 yrs. but oh well, we still had lots of fun. sushi night was like the last meal of our lives. and we did karaoke til 4am. haha! we just can't get enough of ourselves.. we hangout like there's no tomorrow.. =p

can't think of more things to rant. oh and i got a new camera!!! woot woot! at last.. after being on hold for 2 paydays, i finally got it 2 weeks ago.. and all i can say is, i love it! love love it! can't wish for a better point-and-shoot camera.. =)

i promised the guys for the clubbing video, i'll post it after school later.. =) you'll only see it here and nowhere else, so you better visit my blog! bwahahahhahaha


=p deah

=) deah


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