Photoblog: Hanging out with DAMDAM

damdam and i had dinner yesterday *ughhh my treat booooo* at popeyes... had lots of laughs and butt checkin... lol! i don't even know if he's aware that i took these pics but as if,,, even celebs got their fair shares of unrequited pics right.. he's not an exemption.. lol!! had a nice night tho.. congrats for passing your medterms,,, good job pare,, good job =)

cool tunes.. one of the few decent radio stations here in Canada.. sorry, IMHO =)


lol new hair.. itim ko daw because of this.. ehhh 

funny! he's trying to raise his eyebrows.. 

2nd try... fail

third try, fail pa din so takpan nlng ung isa so it will look as if you're doing it right..
i guess not.. lmao! 

sabi ko matino ryan.. hehe.. *peace*


me alone.. 

ako ba talaga to.. while waiting for our meal

#8: one bonafide and popcorn shrimp.. yum! 

picture pa din the moment i reach my room. hehe 

its been gazillion years since i posted something here.... my blog is one of the things in my neglected list. huhu.. too bad. hope i could blog more.. 

=) deah


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