if i can describe what i felt last week.. it would be tiring but fun! its like everyday after our long weekend trip, we are always out and doing anything we could think of... i love it! i just hate how my work ruin things.. lol! yeah it ruins a lot of things but.. oh well life's a bitch... it plays a major role in having me loaded, to fund all these silly hangouts we do. anyways, so wazzaaaaaaaaaapppp!!

i've been having this major breakdown inside me.. i don't know.. it must be the hormones everytime my monthly visit comes.. i hate dramas but sometimes, if you're alone at the end of the day, you tend to think things and be emotional about it.. in my case, i dunno how to explain.. i am not the type who can tell everything to anyone, so i have a lot of things in my mind that no one can ever know coz i know people around me won't understand.. honestly, i sometimes, don't understand it as well.. hahah! yeah i am crazy inside like that.. and i also feel, like last week, i experienced a lot of boo boos! too much that i can't seem to handle it.. i just want it to stop! i feel like when God gave away all the luck for last week, i was clueless about it and didn't get any.. life sucks for me last week. hayzzzz but yeah maybe its just the hormones.. (yeah blame it all on those stupid mofo hormones)

thankfully, i was able to spill some of my emotions to my bestfriend since birth.. literally since birth! haha! thanks a lot beshy for listening to me and making me laugh as always.. like before.. even if we're miles and miles apart, you never fail to make me feel better and i am so glad you still know me inside out.

but.. after all those emo rants, i am still lucky *i guess* to have the best bunch of bestfriends in the world.. shouts to cathy, camille, and to mr. bibbo =) u guys made me forget all those unfortunates in the past week.. my sis and bros... love ya...

anyways, see how emo i am! emo as hell.. fuuu! i could term myself as super emo! hahah!

and here's a pic of our peterborough trip.. this pic says it all. lol!


no more dramas... NO MORE!!!

=) deah

=) deah


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