here we go.. come with me..

lol! well first line of the song playing in my playlist right now.. why not make it a title since i suck in formulating one..

its so unusual for me to make a blogpost around this time coz, most of the time i am still sleeping but to my disgust, despite of me drinking smirnoff ice before hitting the sacks, my sleep was cut short again.. and i am clueless on why why why!!!! damn, damn! DAMN!!

wrap up of things that happened last 2 days:

- went to CUSINA to watch patrick and band's gig there. buttt instead of watching them, almost all of the people inside the bar focused on the basketball game.. i apologize but what can we do! the game was sickkk! and MAVS won, not a biggie... who am i kidding! lol!!!!!!
They'll be playing later for PND, swear we'll make up for what we did last time and focus on your shits. hehehhe.. goodluck!

*rocketeer in repeat, i love it! *

- yesterday would be one of my bum days.. hate having bum days, it makes me think!
- but... yesterday was epic-ly annoying as well.. i just wanna tell my dad off like he needs to freeking shut up! just because of the yard waste, he's like bitching about our whole life.. AGAIN! for pete's sake, as if its the 1st and last time that our yard waste would be picked up.. hello!!! like HELLO!!!!! he's yelling at my mom as if she's her slave or something.. dang! let her get in the house first before rant! but no.. he won't allow that to happen. tsk tsk.. I pity my mom.. she's lamenting yesterday to us about her feelings, that she wants to move somewhere just to stay away from that hell mood of my dad or else she'll die of the heartache it imposes to her everytime my dad does that.. i almost cried but i won't show that to my mom for obvious reasons.. hay,, and i am just so bummed coz i don't have anyone to talk to yesterday.. thanks to smirnoff! i want to award alcohol as my best bff of the year. but seriously, dad needs to fix up his mood swings if he wants my mom to live longer. seriously, me and my bro can take all his shits, why not just throw it all to us instead of doing it to my mom! fuckkkk this.. chill pill for my dad.. he needs a lot!

today's a new day.. hope to have fun later with friends.. just to feel numb again.. and forget everything..

last day of my 3 days off from work. sighs.. back to work hell on sunday. F*&* mastercard!

ooops need to post this somewhere to prevent facebook feeds. hehe.. baka mabasa pa, at magrage ulet.. lmao!!!


=) deah


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