disastrous day but ended up having lots of fun with family...
reasons for my day being a disastrous one:

* being so annoyed with someone.. bigtime!
* we went to the wrong terminal.. tnx to the gps abilities of my dad.. super!!
* having the feeling of being screwed up for my sched for work after realizing that my relatives' arrival this afternoon was moved and it would make me decide if i should go to work or not.. realizing.. that actually... I am not working today... that i actually screwed up my shift or let me say.. shifts yesterday.. *i am so sorry leshelle =( * totally honest mistake on my part..
* having my monthly visit adds up to the disgust.. and its my 1st day.. booooooooooo

but i am glad things turned to the opposite direction and my day ended up better.. seeing my cousins after hundreds of years.. great joy!! hoping for a very well-spent time with you guys!! Homires clan unite in Canada hehehe

well, actually it was almost perfect if not for these colds that I can foresee coming my way.. huhu..

i miss my fiance =(

by the way.. wanna post some of today's pics =p

Makeup of the day *wink*

family... family!!! =p <3 
welcome to Toronoooooo (toronto)

=) deah


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