I think this shopping spree from yesterday would be my last for the next couple of weeks because most of my pay would go to the church reservation and bills :( that's not a good news for a shopaholic person like me but i guess at one point in one's life, we will encounter this thing we call limits. It might not sound good and it would really make you cringe but what can you do? Even millionaires don't get everything they want right.. In some point in life, we need to make sacrifices for you to get long-term satisfaction. So that's what I am gearing to achieve soon.. All I can say is...


:p deah


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Hey Its Me.. DEAH

And, my name is DEAH.

The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

You might be able to see some swearing and bitching here and
there so that's a warning.. Not suitable for babies.. lol..



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