Annoying Customers.. Anyone?!?

.... Any takers?! Coz please take them away from me.. I am surrounded by them especially today.. Today wherein i pledged to finish my task.. Today that i left my wallet back home and thank God Ayesha came at the right moment *thanks hun* and today that we have all this pressures because of the planned visit of people from our head office. Dammnnnm! I've been with that company for 5 yrs and this is the first time that i received a complaint from a customer and telling me i am rude?!?!? Me rude?!? Yeah i am rude.. Pardon me for being one.. I might be a little bit rude here in my blog or twitter but in real life?! If u deserved it them maybe.. I am not bothered and thank God again coz my manager and another coworker of mine knows me well and they defended me from that customer.. Another annoying thing was she's from the same country as me! What the hell was that?! She thought she could just go and be all mighty customer coz she's the customer and i'm her slave?! Oh bitch please! *things i can't stand* so yeah, you might get an idea how my day turned out today.. Its one of those days where shits wouldn't stop coming even if you're so satiated by it. Imagine if our insatiable wants can be compared to this kinds of situation! Oh Gosh!!! I dunno how will i survive my life..

Tomorrow's a new day.. Hopefully i won't have the same fate as yesterday.. I still have to do a lot of task and me hopes chris would do what my manager asked me to make him do.

I also did my nails tonight! Yayyy! Goodbye long, chipped, and shitty looking nails and hello to short, non-chipped, and cute nails! I wonder how long can i keep it looking like this.. :p

Maybelline color show nail lacquer in shocking seas
Essie lux effects nail polish in as gold as it gets
OPI's nail envy as my base
Sally Hansen's Instadry nail polish in clear
And sponge to apply the gold speckles.. :)

Loveee it! I love the blue and gold combination.

Hope you also like it.

Surprisingly, this post became longer than i expected. I was just saying my goodbyes to boyfiee coz they'll be sailing again and who knows when will he be able to gain those precious phone signals again.. *patience is my utmost virtue*

After 2 iced coffee, i now feel so sleepy. Goodnight people and *if there's any* thanks for stopping by and reading all my nonsense rants. :)


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