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17 More Pictures From Within The Dreaded ‘Friendzone’ | Caveman Circus:

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link is gonna show you a lot of images of situations where a certain someone puts you in that sad "FRIENDZONE" ... my friend actually posted this in our group page in facebook. I thought at first it would just be one of those troll posts that he usually does but when i opened the link, it actually caught my attention... suddenly had a nostalgia moment of all the experiences I had.. and how many damn times did I get myself in that drowning zone. Funny how it was already termed and i am surprised that I am not alone in dreading that fucking ZONE!!! One thing, is there a term for having phobias for friend zone? if there is please! feel free to inform me so in the future, if someone asks me what my phobias are, i would seriously include this.

As much as I wanted to share my experiences here or talk more about this topic, I prefer to not do it coz i know it would only make me be so emotional and might cry loads.. its a seriously sensitive topic for me but I just want to share this to you if ever you are also experiencing or have had your own experience with this... I wanted you to know that person... welcome to the club! you should know that you are not alone... =(

thanks for reading this and i'll post something again later

=) deah


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