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So i did another makeup session and it took me 30 minutes or more to finish this look. I know it took a long time but add up the time spent finding what product to use among my pile of stuff.. That my friend, took up more time than the actual makeup process. Result is kinda the same as my previous one if you look at the pics but its actually different in many ways coz this one is a little bit greener that the other one and i did an ombre lips! This lip trick is actually not new to me.. I always do this using nude and pink lipstick before.. I love the effect that it gives. Now i used 3 colours: nude, pink, red with a little bit of blue hue, and deep red. I actually love love the result! It made my lips look fuller in a way. My hair got this fake ombre look that came from last year's highlights+brown colour effect. This is one reason why i am resisting my urge to cut my hairr.. Its not easy for me to achieve an ombre hair colour look for i have super black hair. Anyways, i had a very tiring day today and if air fresheners can render someone high then i could be an addict right now.. All those efing fragrance mixed up in the air i am breathing while working with its modulars is not desirable at all.. Some of my friends would prolly know that i have this weird fondness on scented stuff especially linen or citrus scents *i love to sniff citronella and yes i know its bad for my health.. Kill me for sniffing that and not smoking* but today.. The difficulty of my task is up to par and the smell of my surroundings made my head acheeee soooo fuckinggg bad!!!!! Thank God i finished it today coz i don't wanna be back in that situation again for the longest time possible..

Well, i've tattle a lot again and thanks for visiting my sweet abode :) below are some of pics of ze me.. Love it or hate it.. Me can't care less..


@{-- deah


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The name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

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